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Ford's Is Coming Back to F1



With three U.S. Grand Prix planned for the Formula 1 calendar and the massive rise of the motorsport division's popularity in North America over the last few years, it was a question of time before a major American manufacturer jumped on the grid. Cadillac recently showed some interest, but Ford was the first to make a move. 


Ford has a vast and rich racing heritage with the GT40 and the GT more recently. Ford has provided engines for Formula 1 many times in the past, and they decided to join the sport as a team in 2000 thru Jaguar. However, the American manufacturer left Formula 1 only four years later. Despite an absence of almost 20 years, "Ford remains the third most successful engine manufacturer in F1 history, with 10 Constructors' championships and 13 Drivers' championships. ''  




Ford partnered with Redbull for its Formula 1 return, a brilliant move. The American manufacturer will officially join the team for the 2026 season. I don't think Ford will only brag about it for the next few years because it isn't the case. It would be fine if Ford decided to start its partnership in 2026 officially. This will give the American manufacturer a few years to develop the next-generation hybrid powertrain that we will find in the future race cars for Redbull and Alphatauri.


The fact Formula 1 cars are now using hybrid powertrains is what caught Ford's attention in the first place. Some technologies that Ford will develop for F1 could end up in a production car.


If you know Formula 1 regulations, you know they are getting more severe every year. Therefore, Ford is the perfect partner for Redbull. By 2026, the F1 cars will be required to have a 350 kW motor and be ready to run only on fully sustainable fuels.


This Is Great for Redbull


Of course, Christian Horner, the Redbull racing team principal, appreciated this new partnership at the press conference. Over the money, Ford will bring a lot of knowledge and support to Redbull Formula 1 team.


When Ford revealed the brand new Mustang with the Darkhorse program last year, everybody was excited to see how involving the American manufacturer would be in many racing categories. However, we were still determining if Ford would even consider Formula 1, so the least we can say is that it was a big surprise when the American manufacturer made the announcement.


Formula 1 is getting more attractive every year, and the arrival of important names like Ford, Audi, Porsche, and hopefully more will make the sport even more popular.


Jean-Sébastien Poudrier

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